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Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the small details that give students some trouble2019-06-27T18:42:35-07:00

Read the Introduction as it will provide you with the information to smoothly begin and complete the course. 

This course is required by Nevada state law to be no less than 8 hours.  There is a countdown timer located in the upper left of the screen. Even if you complete the chapter in less time than is required, you cannot take the end of chapter quiz until the timer has reached zero.  To advance to the next chapter, you must get a score of 100% on the quiz. You cannot fail the course quizzes or final examination.

After the first time you enter the course, you will always click the “Progress” Tab after you login and launch the course.  The chapters have to be taken in order, so click on the last chapter highlighted in Blue to continue where you left off when you last logged out.


All registration information (arrows) must be completed before taking the final.  If you don’t know an answer to a specific question, fill in any word and remember to enter the correct information at a later time by clicking on the “My Registration” tab.









Is this DUI course really free?2019-06-16T16:45:03-07:00

Yes, is completely free. There are no hidden fees or additional costs with this course.  Nevada Business Sponsors recognize that a DUI in the state of Nevada is very expensive. That is the reason these businesses are making this effort to reduce some of the court and state required expenses.  The primary goal of Nevada Business Sponsors is to make Nevada roads and highways safe for residents and guests.

How is different from other online DUI Schools?2019-06-21T15:58:16-07:00

Aside from costing students nothing, Nevada Business Sponsors for Safe and Sober Roads are offering our students products or services discounts for sitting through this DUI course.  The course is identical to the paid

Are there any hidden fees or additional costs I will discover at the end of the course?2019-06-27T18:46:06-07:00 has no hidden or additional fees. Students will receive one Certificate of Completion by email and the Court of Jurisdiction receives a second by FAX.  If 3 or more Certificates of Completion (including replacement certificates) are requested, then an additional fee of $10 will be charged.  If a student requests revisions or additions to their Certificate of Completion after they have completed a course, then a $25 fee will be assessed.

Is the online Victim Impact Panel (VIP) included in the course?2019-06-14T17:06:56-07:00

Yes, a 90 minute VIP is included in the course at no additional cost. Please note that not all courts in Nevada accept an online Victim Impact Panel as sufficient and must attend an in-person / classroom Victim Impact Panel. You must confirm with your Court of Jurisdiction that it will accept an online VIP. Your Certificate of Completion does state that the student attended an online 90-minute Victim Impact Panel regardless of whether the court accepts this VIP course.

How does the course work?2019-06-21T15:59:18-07:00

The course is very straight forward. To complete with the least difficulty, you are encouraged to carefully read and follow the instructions illustrated in the introduction. uses a very stable and time tested software platform. If you are not proficient in using computers, please ask a friend or family member for help if you have difficulty. Please keep in mind that all online courses have a lot of moving parts for a course to work as designed. Occasional issues with any online course is most often caused by internet issues. If you do encounter a problem, first change browsers. You next call should be to contact your internet provider for assistance. If after that, the problem persists, please text us and we will address the problem ASAP. Our DUI School has been in business since 2012.  So, there is not much that we have not already seen. That said, there are going to be occasional new hiccups that will be encountered and corrected.

Please keep in mind that due to the volume of students registered in our course at any one time, we do not have the human resources to immediately assist you, but will make every effort to fix what ever issue you encounter ASAP. If you do encounter a problem using our course online and need assistance, please text us at (775) 329-2888 with your name, user ID and password and we will respond the same day or immediately if possible.

How long do I have to complete my DUI course once I have registered?2019-06-17T16:40:14-07:00

A student has 30 days to complete Free DUI School. We are unable to keep a course open indefinitely for our students. If you need a 30 day extension after your course enrollment has expired, then a $25 fee will be assessed.  You will be notified by email 5 days prior to the date of your course expiration.

How will I receive my Certificate of Completion?2019-06-14T17:07:14-07:00

Upon completion of your Level 1 DUI course, you will be required to email or mail a signed and stamped Notary Statement to our email ([email protected]) prior to receiving your Certificate of Completion. This is required by Nevada State Law. Once our office receives the signed and stamped Notary Statement, your Certificate of Completion will be emailed to you and a copy will be faxed to your Court of Jurisdiction.  That said, all Nevada Courts require that the student is responsible for sending their Certificate of Completion to the court.  The student must confirm that court received your Certificate of Completion.

How can I recover my password if I forget or lose it?2019-06-14T17:06:24-07:00

If you lose or forget your Password, then click on login page to recover your password.

Is licensed by the Nevada Dept. of Motor Vehicles?2019-06-16T16:46:28-07:00

Yes, is licensed by Nevada DMV and meets the Nevada Regulatory Statutes as a Level 1, 8 hour Online DUI School.

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